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Before deciding to enter the real estate industry, it is important to ask yourself a fundamental question: How active do I want to be in this investment? Real estate investments can be made in a variety of ways, including rental properties, real estate investment trusts (REITs), property syndications and more. It is important to decide how actively you want to be involved upfront, because real estate investments could become a full-time job.

Deal Examples:


432 Units
15% Projected IRR
2.5X Targeted Equity Multiple


310 Units
15% Projected IRR
2.5X Targeted Equity Multiple


354 Units
15% Projected IRR
2.5-3.0X Targeted Equity Multiple


140 Units
12% Projected IRR
2.0X Targeted Equity Multiple


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For some this is an exciting task, for others it is simply a lot of work. It's best to find out beforehand where you are within this range so that you are prepared no matter which path you take. 

Active vs. passive investment

Here is a quick overview of active vs. passive real estate investments:

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Marcel Rutz has extensive experience with international real estate investments in Europe, Asia and the United States and since 2010 has been engaged in the analysis, enhancement and visionary ideas of neglected apartments, multifamily properties & communities and is involved in the negotiation, repositioning and reorientation of lucrative real estate investment deals, today mainly in the southern states of the USA.

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